2024-25 Cost Of Attendance (COA) for Federal US Loan - Graduate

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College and Course Details

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Your course length in 2024-25

The length of your course is the number of on-course months at Oxford within the University's academic year, which runs October - September, regardless of the term you start in. You can find your course length on your course webpage. It does not include any additional time you may be in Oxford or the UK.

For example usually 12 months for DPhil, 12 months for Year 1 of an MPhil, 9 months for Year 2 of an MPhil and between 9 and 12months for a Masters.

To check the expected course length for your course please see the courses information on our graduate admissions site.​

Please specify your course length in 2024-25.

Cost of Attendance

Living costs (£)
This is an allowance to cover living costs at Oxford in 2024-25. To determine the amount please select your 'Course Length in 2024-25' in the 'Personal and course details' section above and the amount will auto-populate. Information about the cost of living in Oxford can be found on our Living Costs page: Living Costs page
Flights, transfers & Oxford travel (£)
This is an allowance to cover return flights, flight transfers and travel within Oxford.
Please specify your course fees or continuation charge
Please enter your course fees for the 2024-25 academic year. If you are unsure please speak to your college or check the course fees page.
If you wish to request support for childcare, medical, disability or other exceptional costs during the academic year, please enter the total amount you need to claim here. At the time of submitting this COA worksheet you will be required to provide evidence in support of these (eg invoice or bill). Please note all requests will be reviewed against the regulations for allowed expenses and are not guaranteed.
If you wish to claim for fieldwork costs relevant to your course please enter the amount you need to claim here.
This is your total Cost of Attendance before any scholarship deductions
Enter the value of any scholarships, grants or awards for 2024-25 in GBP(£). If you need to convert from USD($), please do so using our exchange rate of 1.39. This amount will be deducted from your cost of attendance subtotal above. Do not include family, self-funding or VA benefits. If you have no other sources of funding, leave this blank.
Final COA In GBP(£)
This is your total Cost of Attendance in GBP(£).
Exchange rate
This rate is used for calculation purposes only. The true exchange rate is not known until the loans are processed during the year. Using a static exchange rate for calculations ensures a fair system for all students at the application stage and throughout the academic year.
Final COA In USD($)
This is your total Cost of Attendance in USD($).

Loan Amounts

A: I am eligible to borrow

Federal Loan Type Amount in USD $
Direct Unsubsidized ($): #
Grad PLUS ($): #
Optional extra 4.228% to cover Grad PLUS origination fee ($): #
Total Federal Loans I am eligible to borrow ($): #

B: I want to borrow

Federal Loan Type Amount in USD $
Total Grad PLUS ($): #
Total Federal Loans I want to borrow ($): #
Overall loan total ($):

IMPORTANT - Don't delay your loan being processed

Complete your loan agreement (MPN) for each loan type

Please complete your loan agreement (MPN) on StudentLoans.gov. As we are a foreign school, new MPNs must be completed for every year of study you apply for a federal loan at Oxford regardless of whether you are a new or continuing student. You must complete an MPN for each type of loan you are taking. Based on the loan amounts you have indicated above, you must complete:

Entrance Counselling

An applicant must complete entrance counselling for each loan type they are taking. The entrance counselling on the StudentLoans.gov will fulfil counselling requirements for Direct Subsidized Loans, Direct Unsubsidized Loans and Direct PLUS Loans.

You do not need to complete this step if you have completed entrance counselling which covers all of the above loan types in a previous institution or year of study.

Please note that Financial counselling for the PLUS loan type is not entrance counselling, please complete the entrance counselling for all of the above loan types at the entrance counselling on the StudentLoans.gov.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Please tick the box to confirm you give your consent for us to use your data to process your US loan application.
By ticking the box I give my consent for the US loans team to use my data in line with the GDPR and US federal regulations as per the Consumer Information webpage.

Attention! The loan amount you have requested is zero ($0).

Please enter how much you wish to borrow in Box B "I Want to borrow" above. The maximum amounts you are eligible to borrow are listed in Box A "I am eligible to borrow".

If you do not wish to borrow any loan at present then you do not need to submit a COA. You can fill one out later in the academic year if required.